Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Do You Feel Most Alive?

I feel most alive when I am fully connected with the Absolute--and I have the good fortune to find that blessing in many forms—when I am open, without expectation.

Note: This list is in no order of any sort.

Writing makes me feel that connection. Quite often I will experience a spurt of the connection, but it is strongest when writing on a novel for long hours, days and days. I can tell that I have the connection by the unwarranted sense of joy that flushes through me. It’s that state of what psychology calls “the flow.” The story seems to write itself, introducing me to ideas, emotion, and perspectives that are not contained within my conscious mind.

I encounter the connection when in nature. It happens most times the moment I disappear into the woods. Though the sensation is not fully time-dependent, I have to admit that I quite often come to my most mystical experiences in nature after walking the mountain ridge for long hours. The steady rhythm and flow of beauty going by me seems to search out and soothe even the most hidden desensitization within.

Spending time with my wife, doing even the most mundane rituals that we have made our own, makes me more alive than I could ever otherwise be. That is the blessing of deepest union with another spirit with whom you both flourish as one.

Laughing, and laughing with dear friends can be almost mystical—something you cannot justify in words, but after it is done, you know that you have become more than you were.

Deep meditation—whether for five minutes or two hours—does wonders to make me feel connected, alive, healthy, and content. By the way, meditation can be just about any activity that diffuses my conscious attention and brings me into full connection with the moment.

What makes you feel most alive? Why?

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Lance said...

I feel most alive when:

I write. This one is new for me, but has been very affirming and spirit-filled.

I play with my kids. When we get a fun game going, and there is lots of laughter, I am alive.

I go on walks with my wife. These are moments we can get away from the noise, and really connect.

Hiking in the woods. Peaceful. Alive.

CG Walters said...

Thank you, Lanceman...a beautiful combination of joys!
Many blessings to you and all you hold dear,

Lawrence Doochin said...

Hi cg,

I am glad I discovered your blog. We have a lot in common in how we see things. I feel most alive when I live the Presence of God within me. There is such joy there, and this joy permeates everything that I do. I feel alive in the most simplest of things, and especially in my relationships with my wife and kids but also with strangers. When I can see God within them, then I feel God within me. I am greeting and loving myself.

CG Walters said...

It is very much my pleasure to be introduced to you, Lawrence. I, too, enjoy the presence of the Absolute/God in the simplest of things...and in meeting people who also see that presence in the eyes of those around them..
many blessings to you and your dear ones,