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Serialization of Sacred Vow: One Who Knows

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Sacred Vow
is an interesting book of fiction about Ian, a well-read man in his early 50s who lives in New England. Divorced, he works in an office looking forward to his nightly cup of tea when he gets home. One particular evening, while relaxing in his study, he slips into a parallel universe where he meets a woman with whom he feels a strong connection. After this excursion into alternate time, Ian returns to his study and is perplexed and intrigued. He decides to attempt to recreate the experience. He returns to see the woman whom he eventually calls Katerina. The story proceeds as a mystery following the soul connection between Ian and Katerina. Ian is a likable man who truly loves and respects women. The story is well written and enticing as the facets of their connections unfold. I would definitely suggest adding this book to your fiction collection! --Susan LosCalzo, for New Age Retailer

Installment 16 of 22 Sacred Vow (Dragon's Beard Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9774271-4-7, paperback, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical).

One Who Knows

When he got back from work the next day, Ian was still charged from the previous night’s experience, even though he had lost several hours of sleep to it. Without brewing tea, he tried sitting in another meditation, hoping for an additional visitation. He tried sitting in the study with the teapot, but with no tea. Then he tried sitting without the teapot in the study. Unfortunately, Ian was too energized to relax. Nothing happened.

Even knowing that it would further delay his getting any much-needed sleep, Ian brewed a pot of tea and had a cup. He wanted to see Katerina right away. If a few seconds with her, here in his study, were all he could have, Ian would be glad for it.

What he really hoped for was to visit the Katerina of his tea visions. Since he was able to hear Katerina in this other life perhaps that was an indication that he would now be able to hear the Katerina he had been visiting for months, if he could only get back there. Ian longed to share with her what he had discovered.

From the moment he had initially seen her, walking through the forest path in their very first visit, Ian had been left with the unsettling conviction that she and he shared more than just the ongoing exchanges that he was experiencing. He had not been able, however, to find any rational justification for such strong feelings. But after the vivid memories of the night before, Ian felt he had seen pictures of a life that Katerina and he had lived together, or were living together now, in some parallel existence.

With the night before, he had experienced some additional portion of their story together. He had known her voice, her laugh, and her direct interaction with him in that life. And he wondered how this previously unrealized parallel life had subconsciously affected his experiences in his primary world.

Ian drank the tea, but he was disappointed. After taking his time enjoying two more cups, he was even more awake and yet had no additional experience of Katerina. Lingering in his recliner, he did not immediately notice when he started to go through the memories of the evening before. Soon Ian questioned why he was determined to have a new visit, since he was so blessed with a rich memory that he could relive with such vivid detail and sensations. His recollections of that experience were unlike any memories he had ever known before. They were just as authentic as the original experience.

After a while, Ian got out a notebook and began writing down every detail he could recall. The location of that new visualization was definitely not the world of his consciousness, or in his time. He wanted to firm up all the details in his mind. Perhaps he could find some answers to his recent experiences within the memories of those few days. He wanted to be able to share what he had experienced with his Katerina.

Again, he was late getting to sleep.

For the next several evenings, no visit occurred. Though short on sleep, Ian continued to feel fully energized and happy. Night after night, until he had gone carefully through the entire experience of that simultaneous life with Katerina, he recalled an unbelievable amount of detail from that single visit. He concluded that something had changed. He was no longer merely visiting another reality, but actually living a portion of a parallel life. This had obviously resulted in a change in him, right down to his definition of self. Then it hit him.

“A change in me?”

From what Djalma told him, Ian realized that such a change could alter the vibrational rate at which he resonated, change the signature of the study! He had been so busy recounting his extended visitation with Katerina that he had not worried himself about whether there was any significance in her recent absence. Ian tried to reassure himself by recalling that in the early days she had been gone for extended absences and there had been no reason for concern. Maybe sleep deprivation had caught up with him, but he felt overwhelmed by apprehension.

His first instinct was to immediately call Djalma and beg for help. But Ian felt guilty for departing their meeting so hastily and not keeping Djalma informed. Besides, Ian couldn’t just call him. He would have to call Liz and ask her to hike up to Djalma’s forest home. Although she tramped through the woods quite regularly, Ian was not willing to ask her to do so at his request.

The next thing Ian knew, he was drowsily responding to the alarm clock. He’d finally slept, but apparently not for very long. He woke, exhausted.

Later that day at work, Ian’s anxiety about losing contact with Katerina overcame his reservations. He made the call to Liz. It was comforting just to talk with her for a while. He asked her to ask Djalma to call him collect any evening, whenever she next saw him. She agreed not to go looking for Djalma, but would wait until he came for one of his frequent visits to her B&B.

Djalma called that night. Ian hoped the prompt response was due merely to his good fortune, not to any extraordinary efforts on Liz’s part.

“I’m surprised to hear from you again so soon,” Djalma said with a pointed but friendly irony.

Ian apologized and groveled appropriately. “Oh, I know, Djalma. I’ve been meaning to call. The charm you gave me worked so beautifully that I did not want to trouble you. I really have to thank you. You knew what you were doing with that.”

“Thank you,” Djalma said.

Ian paused for a moment. “I believe I have a related question.”

Then he told Djalma about the reality-transfer during meditation. He did not go into details, just mentioned the fact the teapot had not been in the room, how it had felt, and the impact the experience had had on him. Then Ian told how since then he had achieved neither a new meditative transfer experience nor a tea visit.

While he was relating his story, Djalma made no real response. He just made the kind of slight diversionary sounds one might make when distractedly turning a strange or unexpected idea over in his mind: “Uh-huh.” “Hm-m-m.” “Really?”

Ian assumed the limited responses meant Djalma was surprised. Ian had thought the new kind of experience might have been caused by the token. This made Ian wonder why he had assumed that all that happened was part of Djalma’s plan.

Ian concluded his story and said, “Maybe the token you gave me needs a new charge.”

“I’m afraid it could never have been more than a temporary solution, Ian,” Djalma replied. “It performed its only intended function. Your visits ceased to pose any immediate threat to your health.

“You need to realize that the visits, in their previous form, may not be meant to continue forever. It sounds as if you have moved into another phase.”

“Yes, the dearth stage. That’s what troubles me, Djalma.”

“I don’t think you realize the extent of what you’ve achieved, Ian. You removed a distinct part of the portal, and yet it continues to function. Not only that, you now have a degree of access beyond what the collective resonance of the study gave you. You can hear the sounds of that place and seem to be somewhat embodied within a physical form.

“This new development is almost unbelievable! I wish I could manage such an experience.”

Initially, Ian swelled with pride. Seconds later, he deflated back to humility—realizing he had no idea how his experience had been induced. Then he sank to sheer terror. If he had no idea, and it had not been the specific result of Djalma’s assistance, how would they know how or even if the portal would function again?

“It’s only been a few days since your last visit,” Djalma continued. “It’s possible that your nervous system can only take so much of such high-intensity experiences. It’s quite probable this kind of a connection would be very demanding on your spiritual energies. This was no ordinary visitation. I wouldn’t push for the next journey too soon, Ian. You found your way there, and it is likely you will do so again when you’re ready to handle it.”

Ian felt too anxious to adopt a wait-and-see approach. “Is it possible that my reaction to the extended trip has changed me in such a way that Katerina and I can no longer contact each other?”

“That is possible, Ian, but I think it unlikely. It’s too early to tell. We can only wait and have faith that your inner intelligence knows what it’s doing, and knows when you’ll be ready for more.”

“What about making the kind of counterbalance adjustment within me that you made with the token? Wouldn’t that be a more direct solution?”

“Oh, no. Even if I were capable of such a thing, Ian, I wouldn’t do it. Attempting to sculpt another’s energetic resonance would be a very dangerous undertaking. Not only would such a reckless venture endanger your body, mind and spirit, it could also harm me.”

“What about giving a new charge to the token?” Ian asked.

Gently but firmly, Djalma said, “You don’t understand the delicacy and potential danger of what you’re suggesting. When we used the token, we weren’t in full control of the result. It was a calculated gamble at best. I tried because you were caught in a situation that was damaging you. The alteration seemed to be the best of a number of possible choices, all of them questionable.

“This is an entirely different situation, despite what you may believe. Your subconscious is in a recuperative phase. Whenever that recovery is complete, you will probably return to Katerina. But this visit may have yet other new aspects.”

Ian was frustrated by Djalma’s rational path. Djalma, however, had never given Ian reason to doubt him or his wisdom. Until given reason to do otherwise, Ian would trust him.

“Ian,” Djalma said. “I need to point out something that I know you know, but seem to have momentarily lost track of. I have the terms to describe what is going on. I have studied the relative theories, and even have the odd talent that suggests possession of some superlative information. But you are the ‘one who knows’ in this situation.

“I cannot do what you have done, nor have I ever done anything similar. You lack the conscious understanding of what is going on and why. But your spirit knows. Within you is all the information you will ever need.

“If you allow me, I can be a support to you. I can point you back to yourself when you stray. But that’s all I can do.”

Djalma went silent.

For the first time since he had given Djalma the position of acting as his personal source of wisdom, Ian was forced to return to the place of his own insight. It was both powerful and painful to retake control of his direction. He too became quiet, trying to reclaim the energy, the will, to take charge. Ian accepted that what had begun as his respite from this responsibility had gotten out of hand.

After a few moments, Ian remembered Djalma’s offer of assistance. He was not alone, and for that Ian was genuinely grateful.

“Is there anything I can do to repay your kindness, Djalma?”

“Call Liz and leave me a message—better yet, come by—after you see Katerina next. I would really like to see you again.”

Ian was both surprised and comforted.

Djalma finished their conversation by saying, “Ian, I’m not trying to intrude, but if I were you, when you see Katerina, I would not assume this new access will remain open forever. You two are too intertwined to take these opportunities casually. There is a purpose for this connection, and I would say a very important purpose considering the energy it takes to overcome the obstacles that generally disallow such cross-reality reunions.”

Continued next week, Sacred Vow

Last week, Parallels

copyright 2006 CG Walters

C.G. Walters primarily writes fiction that focuses on the multidimensionality of our loves and our lives.

Autographed/signed copies of Sacred Vow are available from the author– or purchase as ebook or the Amazon Kindle version

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Serialization of Sacred Vow: Parallels

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Sacred Vow
’s central character, Ian Sarin, is drawn into the world of a complete stranger with whom he is immediately familiar and unexplainably becomes aware of various other lives they are sharing even now. Much to Ian’s amazement, he finds out that the bond between him and this mysterious woman is a key element needed to heal a growing disintegration in the Collective Consciousness that makes up all reality. A compelling, thought-provoking book. –
EarthStar Magazine

Installment 15 of 22 Sacred Vow (Dragon's Beard Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9774271-4-7, paperback, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical).


On his drive back home Ian gave a lot of thought to Djalma’s description of the “doorway” to Katerina, and how it was opened. He was excited about the implications that he had subconsciously been constructing the proper combination for a long time. Ian wondered what other information might be harbored within his mind but just outside his present understanding? Had some part of him known all along about Katerina and the ties they had?

How little we know, he now thought, about our true motivations and the effects of even our simplest choices.

The items in Ian’s study now took on almost a sacred importance for him. Just to think that only that combination of items would allow him—and only him (since he was part of the required collective signature)—to experience Katerina’s world and allow her to experience his world made him extremely aware of everything in that room. Djalma’s speculation had validated something Ian had realized about himself for quite awhile; he sometimes felt compelled to acquire certain items for his home, and he was never quite sure why. If that compulsion had been leading him to create a collective signature, then that was very comforting.

Since childhood, Ian had been accused of giving inordinate importance to the selection of his personal belongings. Somehow he always knew that those who taunted him simply did not understand its importance, though he could not explain what “it” was. Secure in his perception of a calling to possess specific items, or to be involved with certain people, situations, or places, Ian had moved through life responding to his internal guide. Invariably, this was his path, despite his own conscious mind’s frequent discomfort due to its lack of understanding.

Ian could discern neither rhyme nor reason in the motivations to choose things—by now he had come to accept the urgings of his intuition. Most of the time he went about his business making choices in as whimsical a manner as anyone else—except those times when he felt a choice rise from his depths. Once he verified that the urge was genuinely intuitive, Ian did not question the choice further.

Those “must-have” possessions came from greatly varied sources: yard sales, antique stores, discount chains, exclusive art galleries, trash discarded on the curb, or just about anywhere else. Ian didn’t go looking for these “significant” pieces, but could not ignore his response to such an item once it was discovered. Much less often, there were items that elicited an equal demand of avoidance.

Over the years, Ian had frequently sought a logical rationale or discernable pattern for his choices, only to acquiesce eventually. Intuition alone seemed to make an item “wrong” or “right” for him. There were even times when Ian truly did not like the look of an acquired item, but early on realized he could not pass it up or get rid of it once it was identified.

The most challenging expression of this instinctual demand was the house that he had lived in for many years now. Prior to encountering it, Ian had never had any desire to live in a town on the coastline. One year, he was on vacation and saw that old gray saltbox. Abandoning what most would have considered good sense, complying with a vehement call from his inner guide, the next thing Ian knew, he had bought the house, carted all his worldly possessions there, and begun a new job nearby.

True, once Ian did acquire something, he had developed an inescapable ritual of moving the item from room to room, and place to place within a room. Ian would bring the article in and place it in the first possible location, usually closest to the door. Sometimes the new piece would stay in that initial spot for weeks, even if he found the placing to be very inconvenient. He was simply awaiting inspiration by the inevitable process that he knew would eventually take place.

Other times Ian had barely set the piece down before he felt compelled to move it again. Sometimes again and again. He bought a beautiful green vase of blown glass on a base of smooth, gray river stone, which he eventually had a strong urge to destroy just so he could be released from its obsessive, but indecisive, drive to find its proper “home.” For weeks Ian was obliged to move that vase to a new location just about every time he laid eyes on it—and he was grateful when it accepted a final location!

Usually, Ian would allow a piece to remain in its first location until he inadvertently picked it up as he walked by and deposited it elsewhere. There it would remain until the item “magically” found some place better suited for itself. After a time, Ian would realize that a particular possession had been in the same location for an extended period. A feeling of relief would come over him: knowing the item’s proper place had been found, and he was free from further obligation to it.

Once back in his driveway after his visit with Djalma, Ian sat in the car in his driveway and stared at his saltbox home, which he had once believed unexplainably atypical of his tastes.

“Thank you,” he said aloud, releasing a charge of gratitude for all those unexplainable intuitions that had attracted so much playful—and sometimes harsher—ridicule over the years.

Ian was sure that Djalma was right about what had caused the unpleasantness in the recent visits. The first tea after receiving the token was glorious—the completely flawless experience of joy that is the delirium of new love. When their visit began, Ian watched Katerina as she read a large book in her home. This was like being given back his early experience, except now he knew more of who she was and what he felt about their time together. Ian did not have the uneasy feelings that he had experienced with the first few trips. Djalma had given him back the beginning, but this time the journeys had—Katerina and he had—a history.

Katerina’s face had the same radiant beauty of months ago. Her smile was back, and her eyes were bright and clear.

Ian remembered what Djalma had asked him to do. But what had he meant when he said, “Find out why you and she are in contact”? This may not speak well of my mental health, Ian thought, but Djalma’s question makes as much sense as it would to tell young lovers to figure out why they are enamored.

Ian was thoroughly enjoying his life again, and especially time in his study. His friends made a point of expressing their relief that he was regaining a healthful appearance. To them, Ian credited the change to an herbal concoction, cooked up for him by a curious new friend in the mountains.

No longer was Ian drawn into another reality when outside his study. He regained the clarity of mind that he had been used to before the visits had become dark. He went back to enjoying his previous routines, going out with friends, and even enjoying his programming work. Now that he had Katerina back, Ian no longer felt a need to know how or why the visits were happening. Though it may have seemed insane to some to say so, he liked his life, as unorthodox as it was.

Ian’s only concern was he hadn’t been able to put to rest Djalma’s parting words. Ian wanted to forget them—he tried to forget them—but they persisted in his thoughts. Despite that, Ian gave most of his attention to the additional time he had been given with Katerina.

They were again seeing each other regularly. Their visits were as varied, yet as routine, as they had been early on. All their exchanges remained extrasensory and pantomimed. Ian continued to feel closer to Katerina after each visit. With each interaction, he felt even more satisfied within his own spirit. Then one day something a little strange happened.

Ian had always experience a momentary loss of awareness of the present when he visited Katerina. He would be looking at something, and then he would be seeing her. When the reality shift finished, he would find himself staring at an item within his room again, quite often the same thing as before the visit began. The shifts had always been instantaneous, except when things had gone dark, before the use of Djalma’s token. At that time, the returns to consciousness had been less distinct, leaving his mind cloudy and his emotions distressed.

Usually, Ian would start a pot of water. He would not wait for the kettle to whistle, but instead keep an eye on the heating water, while he put leaves in the strainer and generally tinkered around the kitchen. Once the hot water was in the teapot, he would set the timer for brewing time.

For some unknown reason, one night Ian took the teapot into the kitchen and before putting any water on the stove, he returned to the study, looking for something, but he could not remember what. Perhaps losing his sense of purpose, he sat down in his old recliner, per his normal ritual, but without that all-important teapot.

The next thing he knew, Ian was slowly returning to awareness from something he had to describe as a meditation. It was not abrupt like the returns from his usual tea visits, and yet he was much too conscious to have been asleep. He had a feeling of glorious warmth rising from his inner depths. As he became more alert, Ian realized he had been with Katerina. In all the months past, he had never been graced with a visit while the teapot was not in the room.

A feeling of joy flooded his spirit, as if he had just had the grandest good fortune. He was used to the good visits mostly passing in seconds. Tonight his watch said he had been elsewhere for almost two hours.

Sitting there, both confused and delighted, the memory of what had happened during the meditation pleasantly broke into Ian’s conscious mind. Once he saw the first pictures of recollection, the rest of the memory began to flow freely. The experience felt like a lived memory, something recalled from his own life, not a dream, a vision, or other indirect experience.

His elation became mixed with fear. Everything about this visit was very different from any other journey he had experienced. Katerina was different. She looked years younger. Her surroundings were not the house that he’d become used to seeing her in. Despite the changes, Ian had no doubt it was Katerina. It did not matter how her appearance might have changed. A visceral part of him recognized her spirit.

Katerina moved about, attending to her interests and concerns, in a parallel life, previously unknown to him. She cooked a meal, read a book for a while, and played a stringed instrument Ian was unfamiliar with. This all seemed to go on and on. And he heard her speak! He could hear everything going on in that world.

Ian thought the memory of her voice would make him pass out as he recalled it. He fought to stay conscious, because consciousness was his means for savoring this experience and he was not willing to lose one instant of that memory. From an objective perspective, Ian could not say that her voice was anything special. Except to him, who had so longed to hear that voice, her voice was like an angel’s song. He now sat with eyes closed, watching those images passing and listening to her voice. His entire body resonated to her vocal tones.

Ian did not move from his chair for the better part of the night. Never having been much on remembering more than morsels of the occasional dream, Ian was stunned at how much he remembered of this meditative reverie. He would have been glad to go over and over the same small sequence of memory that evening, but there was no need to. This one journey seemed to cover days of time spent in this Katerina’s life.

Another very definite difference was that this Katerina, without question, was speaking to someone other than himself, who stood exactly where Ian perceived himself to be. She called the person of her attention by another name. Though the name did not give Ian any indication of gender, it was obvious she was interacting with a male partner.

It was as if he was looking through the eyes of the male in her presence, as a spectator only. Ian remained a distinctly separate consciousness from this individual, but he was anchored to this world within the body of Katerina’s partner. Ian could not experience this man’s sense of touch, but could smell the aromas of this world. He was not privy to this man’s thoughts, but he felt a mysterious sense of unity with this individual, even more than that of merely sharing a body.

One benefit of being hosted in this unfamiliar place seemed to explain why he understood the words spoken by the couple—though he knew it was not a language he should understand. Unfortunately, he could not always comprehend the intention of the conversation. The couple referred to events and situations in their life and relationship that Ian did not have knowledge of.

Ian’s awareness seemed to expand long enough to allow him to watch several days of that life: those several days took place in only two hours that passed in his world, despite the implied temporal conflicts. This made it clearly apparent to Ian that he was experiencing a parallel life with Katerina, an alternate reality—one always before him, but not usually available to his primary world’s perception.

Katerina’s home was now situated in a lovely, open countryside. The surrounding flora and fauna were unfamiliar. Only the attire and the odd customs separated the occasional neighbor whom Katerina and her partner met from the people Ian had met in the countryside near Liz’s B&B. In both cases, they were all courteous and giving of themselves.

Ian did not know if it was because he was exhausted of because he had simply came to the end of his trance, but finally, there seemed nothing more to see. Whether he had eyes closed or eyes open, the scenes no longer flowed into his consciousness. The most Ian could do was to bring up repeat portions of his experience to savor as memories.

That meditative trance had had the intensity of the earlier visits. This experience was as real as the best of Ian’s experience in his everyday, waking world. He could have sworn he had experienced these few days firsthand.

Continued next week, One Who Knows

Last week, Djalma (part 4)

copyright 2006 CG Walters

C.G. Walters primarily writes fiction that focuses on the multidimensionality of our loves and our lives.

Autographed/signed copies of Sacred Vow are available from the author– or purchase as ebook or the Amazon Kindle version

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Guest Blogger: Kala Ambrose

One of the most powerful wisdom teachings I share with students is the knowledge that "The only constant in life is change". We are on this earth plane to experience change on a daily, weekly, yearly and sometimes hourly basis. Each moment, our cells change, our thoughts change, every thing changes!

Dear Ones, this is the time we have been waiting for and working towards. We are all here to work in our own way to make the world a better place, through our thoughts, words, actions and deeds. Right now, there is great change occurring in our world. This is not something to fear, but rather to embrace. The entire global world is awakening to the fact that we are all connected and dependent upon each other. As the economy here in the US has suffered, the changes are felt around the world in other markets and businesses and to each person who works in their chosen field. We all rely on each other in one form or another. What is also changing is the realization on a major scale that greed and self absorption can no longer rule as it leads to self destruction. We see this in the number of companies sinking along with their leaders who navigated their ships into these murk-filled waters.

The current political debates are based on the fact that we need change or reform, with both parties agreeing that things cannot and should not continue as they have. This in its own way is revolutionary, a shared understanding albeit from different perspectives, but still an understanding that the time is now to evolve. All actions and decisions from the past are being revealed into the light to be reflected upon and changed... from the environment and global warming, to greed and over-consumption, to an emphasis on health care and thinking about each person as an individual rather than further desensitizing humanity as a sequence of numbers.

Around us I see wondrous change occurring, record numbers of Americans are registering to vote and are contacting their representatives to speak about changes they want to see. The spiritual concepts of how to create abundance, the power of gratitude and how to live in the moment regardless of what is occurring around us, is being brought to the forefront of our minds. This is the evolutionary time we have been waiting for, the time to live, to create and to bring the energy of manifestation into action.

As Ghandi said, Be the Change You Wish to See In The World. I explain to students that when we work to create change within ourselves, it's like cleaning out a closet full of junk. We first have to pull it all out, evaluate it and remove what no longer is of value or works in our present time. During this process, we create a bigger mess, as we pull everything out and have to sort through it all. This can cause great emotional and mental stress along with physical exertion to create the new change. This inner personal change we have been concentrating on creating, we now see manifesting around us in our daily lives. Across the globe, souls are awakening with the realization that it's time to clean up our world. As we are doing this, things appear worse before they get better. We're pulling it all out of the dark closet now to really take a look at what we've been doing to the environment, to the economy and to ourselves. Collectively, we've wanted an opportunity to change the world and here it is now!

Use the wisdom you have gained over the years, and don't succumb to the illusion of fear that is rearing its head during this time. As 2012 grows closer, we see the cycle of this age winding down. What was created during this time must be brought to light and scrutinized in order to create the opportunity for new experiences and growth.

Take the good resulting from this experience and move forward to create the life you were meant to live. Like all challenges we face in life, this too shall pass. Use this time wisely for self-introspection, go within to see what you need to clean out and remove. Evaluate what defines you, why you keep the possessions that you do and how you connect with the world and all those in it. Ask yourself the soul defining questions from my book 9 Life Altering Lessons, Who Am I and Why Am I Here? Do you remember the secrets hidden deep within your soul? Perhaps it's time to explore deeper and look within to find the many reasons you are here in this lifetime. Now is the perfect time!

In great love, gratitude and joy,
*~ Kala ~*

About Kala...
Kala Ambrose is a noted metaphysical teacher, intuitive, lecturer, author and talk show host. Her thought-provoking interviews on The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show ( are enticing listeners to tune in around the globe! Described by her guests and listeners as discerning, empowering and inspiring, the show focuses on the Metaphysical, Spiritual and Paranormal realms. Her book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled explains ancient mystery school topics, which are designed to stir the soul, awaken the mind and reveal long forgotten memories of past lives in these schools, as well as inspire you to explore the magnificence of who you really are.

CelebraZine: 18 Oct 08

Without music, life would be a mistake.... I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance.--Friedrich Nietzsche
Painting by Nisla of Nilsa Creations

Welcome to the Fourth Edition of the CelebraZine (Celebration eZine) blog carnival.

Our focus dictates what we see, which reinforces our focus, further confining the possibility of what we will see. Twice a month we put together a collection of blogs containing text, image, video, and audio from talented people empowering others and Celebrating What's Right in the World!

May you be blessed by these offerings reminding us of the beauty, wonder, and sacredness in the world around us and within us.

Celebrate Living, Celebrate Yourself!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Serialization of Sacred Vow: Djalma (continued3)

Photo by h.koppdelaney

Mr. Walters conveys the reality of mystical worlds and our interaction with them very eloquently. He states that there is "one true love in its infinite expression," meaning there is one connection, above all others that can make us feel whole, like our full selves. This book is highly recommended for the reader seeking a love story that knows no limits. As a metaphysical novel, one can expand their views of worlds and civilizations existing with us, and how we may affect those close to us with or without our knowledge.

“Sacred Vow” is highly recommended, and a sequel would be much welcomed. —Catherine Phelps for Reader Views

Installment 14 of 22
Sacred Vow (Dragon's Beard Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9774271-4-7, paperback, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical).

Djalma (continued)

It had been several months since the experience of the tense return from the visit with Katerina. Ian didn’t recall right away what had been going on at the time. As best he could remember, it was just like the months that had preceded it. He spent his days with computers at work, went out with friends, came home, and then did this all over again. Ian’s initial memories of those uneventful times were faint. He had been a little preoccupied with more recent concerns.

Trying to think what may have had a terrible effect on his paranormal teas, he tried to summon unpleasant memories. Actually, Ian had to admit that things had been going particularly well through that period of life. Work, his friends, all seemed to be going through a positive phase. His time working and socializing had been carefree and happy.

Just as Ian was about to throw up his hands in defeat, he remembered a project member at work whom he’d found particularly irksome. It was not that the person ever did anything that truly warranted such feelings. This fellow was just one of those people whom Ian always felt conflict with, even when they agreed.

“I’ve got it. Dixon Peerit! For the whole time I worked with him, I felt a strange tension.”

“There is a way, Ian, to get a little better idea if your contact with this person had the type of consequence we’re looking for. It sounds like you’ve probably had a previous experience similar to what I’m suggesting. This is something like a guided meditation. It’s not hypnosis, just a method of relaxation to help you focus on a subject. It will allow me to get a feeling for your subconscious mind’s assessment of Dixon. So, if you’re willing, get comfortable and close your eyes.”

Certain they were on the verge of a solution, Ian closed his eyes without hesitation. “Ready.”

“Just relax,” Djalma said. “The first thing you have to do is to let go of all your conscious beliefs about what has caused a change in the visits.”

Djalma was silent, and Ian made every effort to let go of his hope that they were about to find the reason his visits had become distorted.

“Now, slowly, breathe deeply into your diaphragm, not your lungs. Hold that breath. Slowly, breathe out.”

After a few minutes of this, Djalma asked him to remember Dixon. Despite instructions, Ian had already been revving up this memory. In his mind, Dixon was inextricably guilty as the source of Ian’s misfortune.

Djalma peacefully coached Ian: “Bring up the memory of Dixon. Release any thought of him, but hold the image.

“Hold it. No thought, just hold the image.”

As soothing as Djalma’s voice and instructions were, Ian was ready to jump into action when Djalma said, “Okay, now let the image go, and we are going to come back to full awareness . . .

“Breathe deeply, and open your eyes when you are comfortable.”

Ian stared at Djalma, anxious to hear his conclusion.

“It’s not him,” Djalma said when he opened his eyes.

“Are you certain? That guy used to give me the worst feelings—”

Djalma cut him off. “And there might have been a good reason, but it seems as soon as he left your project, you were no longer concerned with him.”

True, Dixon had not crossed Ian’s mind since he was moved to another project area.

“You’re certain?” Ian was having a hard time letting go of his hope that the only unpleasantness he could recall during that time was the answer to the problem.

“I’m certain. Dixon did not have a lasting effect on your consciousness, and that would have been the only way another person could affect the journey through you. We’ll have to try again.”

Shaking his head, Ian said, “There’s nothing. It was a particularly good time in my life.”

“That does not preclude the type of effect we are looking for, Ian. You should also be trying to remember anything you found uncommonly pleasant or enjoyable during that time. It could be an impressive or exceptionally agreeable person whom you had just met, or a wonderfully satisfying experience that happened shortly before that time. It could even be new music you had just discovered, something that had an unusual impact.”

It seemed like an odd request. Look for the good as the root of the bad? Ian just sat there in disbelief.

After a few minutes he began searching for the best, not the worst, of his memories of that time a few months earlier.

“Of course, there are always new songs on the radio,” Ian offered.

“Any that you continued to listen to once they were not played on the radio or that changed your musical tastes?”

“No . . . there were movies that I saw and enjoyed, but none I’ve given much thought to since.”

They went through everything Ian had done for several months leading up to the first unpleasant experience. Ian was almost regretting that he had such a precise memory and that he had so many good things to remember. By the time Djalma was finished, Ian was beginning to grow weary of that stretch of time, which he had just remembered as so satisfying.

Djalma latched onto Ian’s mention of a fellow who was the team leader of the same project that he’d worked on with Dixon, Peter (pronounced Pay-ter) Rostich. Ian assured Djalma that was a dead end, but Djalma was having none of it. The more tribute Ian paid to Peter, the more adamant Djalma became.

Peter was one of those people everyone liked, a natural leader. He could get any member of his team to do just what he needed done. It seemed to be a talent that he had always had. No matter how much he asked of a person, that person felt it was no more than was reasonable, and Peter always showed his appreciation of his or her cooperation.

Even outside work, Peter was an exceptionally interesting individual. It seemed he must have begun to pursue his many interests when he was very young. He was musically talented, proficient in violin, piano, and several other instruments. Hanging from his office wall was evidence of considerable talent in acrylic painting, pen and ink, and digital art. He had used his very keen mind to become proficient in each media—and it seemed, many other accomplishments—one by one.

Peter loved his wife, adored his kids, and was dedicated to his community. Ian admired Peter’s way of looking at life; he believed Peter “had his heart in the right place.”

So Ian had to admit the positive experience of meeting Peter had stayed with him longer than his negative feelings about Dixon. One doesn’t meet such admirable people that often, he thought. But he could not imagine how that positive experience could have brought on such unpleasantness.

“Djalma, to be honest,” Ian finally said, “I don’t like the idea that something satisfying might set off dreadful experiences.”

Djalma’s look was disarmingly kind. “Peter didn’t cause the change. Bad results are not inherent in good things. Your experience is just the product of an accident. The energetic signature of your tea environment was perfect for the outcome you achieved and desired. Any significant alteration was going to make a change. It so happened that this time the resulting change was undesirable.

“Remember, few people, not even you in most cases, are likely to encounter such a doorway and generally have no need for concern. It was not meeting Peter that made the difference but rather his continued effect on you, your perceptions, and therefore your energetic signature. But this is assuming that Peter is the element we are looking for. If you’ll close your eyes and relax again, we’ll know soon enough.”

They went through the guided meditation process again. Several times Djalma asked Ian to hold onto the vision of Peter. Ian could not excite much faith in this pursuit, and the image faded. He was glad to have met such a person, glad there were people like Peter in the world, but Ian had no desire, then or before, to spend time visualizing Peter.

Finally, Djalma told Ian to release the image and come back to an alert state.

Ian sat silently this time, looking into Djalma’s eyes. Djalma had somewhat of a dazed look. For several minutes he just sat without speaking or blinking, barely breathing. When the trance broke, a smile spread over Djalma’s face, and he pulled from his pocket an ornate metal disk, about the size of a fifty-cent piece. He handed it to Ian, saying, “Take this into the room with you for your next tea.”

Ian turned the token over and over, enjoying the artwork of it, without making any comment or asking any questions. There was something innately reassuring about having the item in his palm. He could hear Djalma taking in one long, slow breath after another.

“Your response to Peter is what we were looking for. It had a positive impact on your spirit, but it also changed your vibration, and therefore it changed the portal for your reality shifts. I’m expecting the token to counterbalance that change.”

Ecstatic at the prospect, Ian rose immediately to his feet, almost knocking his head on the ledge of books above him. Clutching the token, which felt like his salvation, Ian hurriedly expressed his appreciation. “Thank you, Djalma. This is wonderful! Thank you, so much!”

Ian reached down, shook Djalma’s hand longer than he needed to, and pulled Djalma to his feet. Mixing goodbyes with more gratitude, he hardly let Djalma speak again. He was too eager to try Djalma's solution. Besides, those herbs cooking on the stove had become a little too intense for his comfort.

As Ian made his way quickly through the woods toward his car, Djalma called from the porch, “Find out why you and she are in contact.”

Later, during his drive, Ian felt bad about the hurried, even discourteous, way he had fled from the meeting with Djalma. He had been able to tell from Djalma’s several attempts to speak that there was more to tell about this solution than Ian gave Djalma time to do so.

The truth was that Ian did not care to hear about any possible side effects or be given any precautions. He felt like he had a reprieve from a terminal disease. Anything that might happen had to be better than what he had been experiencing.

Continued next week, Parallels
Last week, Djalma (part 3)

copyright 2006 CG Walters

C.G. Walters primarily writes fiction that focuses on the multidimensionality of our loves and our lives.

Autographed/signed copies of Sacred Vow are available from the author– or purchase as ebook or the Amazon Kindle version

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