Sunday, August 31, 2008

Celebrate What's Right in the World

“I won’t see it until I believe it.
That’s the way life works” --Dewitt Jones

Image by Dewitt Jones (film-maker and world-class
photojournalist for the National Geographic)

On Wednesday, 03 Sept 08 I will be initiating the CelebraZine online magazine/blog carnival, a collection of uplifting and empowering video, image, text, and audio from positive creators around the web.

I recently heard on NPR that there is actually a 'Science to Getting a Yes,' a methodology to get people to respond positively, even when the presentation is truly to their own benefit. The general idea was that in order to sell a positive pitch you must begin the presentation from the view of dire consequence!

I, however, am a believer that our focus dictates what we (can or will) see, which reinforces our center of attention, perpetuating what we see. I do not believe that the negative is the most direct path to the positive. See: As We Believe, So It Becomes

Today is a preview of the works that CelebraZine will be presenting twice-monthly. I'd like to introduce you to this perspective by introducing you to our ‘key note speaker’ for our premier edition, Dewitt Jones (film-maker and world-class photojournalist for the National Geographic).

For those of you who do not already know, this twice-monthly CelebraZine was inspired by the sublime genius and genuineness of the message in Dewitt’s presentation of his world view in his short film, "Celebrate What’s Right in the World”. After seeing this presentation, I was certain that this was the kind of message I cared to see spread into the world—start with seeing the positive and move forward from there!

I contacted Dewitt’s office, expecting only to send an email to thank him for his message and the work he was doing. Much to my surprise, he contacted me, quite willing to exchange visions of the positive in the world. My conversations with Dewitt have reinforced my belief in presenting a message stemming from the positive.

Have a look at his 22-minute film, "Celebrate What’s Right in the World”. In it, Dewitt asks: "Do we choose to see possibilities? Do we really believe they're there?"

He assures us that there is always more than one right answer. Celebrating what's right with the world helps us recognize the possibilities and find solutions for the challenges before us.

This inspirational, best-selling film utilizes stunning photography and powerful dialogue to help viewers approach their lives with celebration, confidence and grace.

“As I celebrated what was right with the world, I began to build a vision of possibility, not scarcity. Possibility... always another right answer.” - Dewitt Jones

If you have never met Dewitt Jones before, he is one of America's top professional photographers with a career stretching over twenty years. As a motion picture director, he had two films nominated for Academy Awards before he was thirty. Twenty years as a freelance photographer for National Geographic earned him a reputation as a world class photojournalist. Dewitt now speaks to associations and corporations all over the world. More

To see more of Dewitt’s videos, photography, and books, go to

Visit Dewitt's official Corporate Training website:


Lance said...

What a wonderful message in that video - celebrate what's right in this world! That's just a great way to look at life, with an abundance mentality - where we see what's good. Too often, we hear about the negative - local news, tv shows, etc. I love this idea of celebrating what's right - thanks for introducing this video here!

CG Walters said...

Thank you, Lanceman.
If we consciously focus on the positive, and point it out to others, what a wondrous world we could experience!
...just like your blog
blessings and wonder,