Monday, June 27, 2011

Release Your Stories, Embrace Infinity

It is not the past that hinders your today,

but the portion of it you brought

to the present.--Strike a Chord of Silence, CG Walters

Shamanism and Neurological science agree that we

make our world, our experience with our thoughts

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We are disturbed not
by what happens to us,
but by our thoughts about
what happens.--Epictetus

The stories/personal mythology you
subscribe to/tell yourself, define not
only how you have seen your life,
but also define the range of what
you consider to be possible
in the present and the future.

Your brain doesn’t distinguish
between what’s happening in
the present moment and what
you are experiencing as you
retell a story of the past.
Neuroscientists are discovering
that.... a real and a recalled event
both register.... in the same way,
with the same intensity.
-- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D

Every time you relive and old hurt,
it reinforces that synaptic pathway….
the anguish you feel isn’t from old
wounds being reopened, it’s from t
the new pain created as you spin
the yarn [yet again]. You may think
you’re simply venting and getting rid
of the old shame and anger, but your
[mind and body experience it otherwise].
You are [actually giving] the account life
as you infuse it with energy and make
it your reality today.
-- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

With our thoughts,
we make the world.

The more we repeat woeful tales to
ourselves, the deeper we etch the
grooves along those neural pathways.
Eventually, they become like canals
into which our experiences and
perceptions drain constantly, following
the path of least resistance [/greatest
familiarity]. We channel…the way we
read the world along these neural trails.
--- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

It is not the past that hinders
you today, but the portion of it
you brought along to the present.
--Strike a Chord of Silence,
CG Walters

Release the limiting stories of
your past, my friends. Embrace
your infinite possibilities.
Love and many blessings in your
eternal unfolding....

Alberto Villoldo quotes from:

Courageous Dreaming:

How Shamans Dream the

World into Being


ISBN-13: 978-1401917579

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Blessings and joy to you today, dear ones,

Celebrate What's Right in the World!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


When I was but alive,
Though bold as imagination
Timidity held the reigns

But now I am more,
Unfolding into every dawn
Encompassing all that is night

When I was but alive,
I aspired for the sky
But was confined within form

But now I am more,
The mist rising from valleys
Climbing hills to join with clouds

When I was but alive,
Excessive in deliberation
Doubted path and place

But now I am more,
Careless streams flowing
Becoming indomitable ocean

When I was but alive,
Unsure as child’s first step
Interminable movement

But now I am more
Enduring stone masses
Quiescent mountains

When I was but alive
Lost in significance
Profane in sincerest effort

But now I am more
Spreading beneath your feet
The sacrosanct mother earth

When I was but alive
Arbitrary as time
Ephemeral as breath

But now I am more
Infinite spirit of life
Rooting heart and soul of generations

copyright 2007 CG Walters