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Guest Blogger: 07 Aug 08: Mary Jaksch

In my weekly post of a guest blogger (or repost of another’s work that I have found inspiring). I would like to introduce you to Mary Jaksch, another of the many talented creators sharing inspired work. Thank you, Mary, for your works in making our world a more wondrous place.

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Has this ever happened to you? You start thinking about someone you haven’t seen in years. Next moment you see them walking towards you. Or you remember a long-lost friend. Then the phone rings and you find that it’s her or him on the line!

Carl Jung called such experiences synchronicity. In his research he noticed that some occurences were connected in such a meaningful way that they seemed to defy the laws of probability. There are many different explanations for synchronicity. Most theories one of three explanations:

1. Synchronicity is connected to our psychic abilities. This means that we can intuit when a certain person is going to ring us, or is walking towards us. This is why we start thinking about them.

2. Mysterious affinity: Certain people, objects and happenings are connected to each other. Sychronicity make these connections visible.

3. The mind can manifest objects and happenings. This theory has been expanded into the ‘Law of Attraction”.


Here is an example of how these theories play out. A short while ago a young man talked to me about his professional future. In the course of the conversation, he reached a decision to find and apply for a short-term contract as a Communications Manager. Imagine his surprise when he arrived home to find an email from a recruitment agency that had last been in touch with him some five years earlier. In the email they invited him to apply for an eight months contract as a Communications Manager!
That’s synchronicity. How can such an improbable event happen? According to the three theories above, these could be the reasons:

a) He had a precognition that the recruitment agency would contact him and therefore started thinking about employment.

b) The intersection between his wish of getting a contract and the email from the recruitment agency was a meaningful sign that this was the right plan of action.

c) His wish for the position manifested the email.


I’m not sure which is the right explanation. What do you think?

If we want to use synchronicity for creating a happier life, there is one core point that we need to remember:

Synchronicity is a call to action.

Here is an example:
Some years ago I was dining with my partner in Buenos Aires. We looked across to a lovely young woman sitting alone at a table. David said,

“Oh, how sad for her to be here all alone. Shall we ask her to sit with us?”
“I’d love to but I don’t want to intrude,” I answered.


Shortly afterwards she came over to our table. She pointed at my neck:

“I see you’re wearing a Maori carving around your neck. Are you from New Zealand?’

We instantly dragged up another chair. It turned out that Monica lived in Brazil and worked for a New Zealand company. It was the start of a lasting friendship!

In this instant the sychronic aspect was hidden to David and myself. But we could feel the pull of affinity. Only Monica could see that our connection with New Zealand was the synchronic bond. If she hadn’t acted upon it, we would have missed out on a wonderful friendship.

A synchronic event is a personal messages from the universe.

If you just walk on without regarding the message, a valuable opportunity may be lost. We are all inter-connected. Synchronicity shines a light on the hidden web of destiny.

If we act upon the secret connection that synchronicity reveals, we invite good fortune.

What’s your experiences of synchronicity? Please share your stories in the comments.

Mary Jaksch has achieved quite a few milestones in her journey through life: she's a Zen master, psychotherapist and author. Her book Learn to Love is now translated into five languages and she has recently published an Ebook called From Tragedy to Triumph: Winning Through a Life Crisis. Mary was awarded an MA in Religious Studies, holds a 4th Dan Blackbelt in karate, started her professional life as a flautist, and loves dancing Argentine tango in skimpy skirts. That’s quite a mix, isn’t it?

To see more of Mary's inspiring work, visit her at GoodLife Zen

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