Sunday, August 10, 2008

Call for Submissions, Celebration Magazine

A new carnival, a Digital Magazine, Celebration eZine (, is calling to you, my friends. This is its first call for submissions, with a challenge: Show our readers What’s Right in the World!

Once we place our initial edition, I will be hosting it twice a month on my blog, Into the Mist ( ) and distributing it to many other host sites.

Our focus dictates what we see, which reinforces our focus, determining what we see. There is much beauty and wonder in the world around us….uplifting validation that we are Spirit, we are connected, and all that is before us is sacred!

Inspired by the sublime genius of the message in Dewitt Jones“Celebrate What’s Right in the World” ( ) video (be sure not only to see the preview, but the full free 22 minute video --registration required), I wish to invite you all to contribute to this new blog carnival, but more than that…a Digital Magazine!!!

Dewitt Jones’ message is as old as consciousness, but he has presented a particularly inspired personal rendition of this vital message. If you have any question about the type of material that we’re looking for, have a look at Dewitt’s video, and I am sure you too will be infused with the spirit of wonder.

We blog more than text alone, so I am soliciting text (how-to and otherwise), video, images and audio that uplifts and empowers the readers of this carnival—hopefully giving them new eyes of wonder for the world around them, new expectations of good things and beauty to happen around them, to them.

Note: Please include “descriptions with all submissions.

Accept the challenge…show us what’s right in the world today, so that we may see even more of the beauty, the positive, the hope tomorrow. submit an article, image, video, or audio ( )

In addition to your own submissions, please forward this email to any other inspired bloggers that you know who might be willing to contribute!

I look forward to the new eyes you share with me.

Many blessings to you and all you hold dear,

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