Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Strike a Chord of Silence (video)

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Amidst the rumblings of a crowd,

Or the demands of your days,

Slip down the corridors within yourself

And wander slowly, quietly,

Until the echoes of the outer world,

No longer ring within.

Be not afraid,

Even if it is unfamiliar to you.

It is the part of yourself

That would least do you harm.

You will always have enough time

To make the journey.

It is a place unbound by time,

Where seconds and years are the same.

Travel further inward.

There you will encounter a room of light and warmth.

Peering inside, you will see

Here abides an eternal entity of

understanding and wisdom.**

** from
Strike a Chord of Silence, CG's new book of metaphysical maxims and essays. Also available in Kindle and other eBook formats. Other International and US print sales, should be available upon request from your bookstore

Blessings and joy to you today, dear ones,
Celebrate What's Right in the World!...and with yourself!

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