Monday, July 7, 2008

How would you respond to those who feel overwhelmed by bad news?

This is more a “show me, don’t tell” solution. No amount of rationalization can resolve a problem of heart and spirit.

As within, so without.**

If you want to spread hope, you must exhibit within yourself. It’s like the example I gave recently of coming into a room filled with people whose mood was communally contrary to yours as you entered. Whether you stay in that room or not, most people will start to feel a shift in their state of mind, moving toward the collective attitude of the group.

You spread hope, joy, sense of self, etc. as you would a smile…by example. Even if no one initially responds, continue smiling. It can harm no one, and at very least is good for your own health and peace. Eventually, the smile will spread to those around you.

Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within [them] the gift of miracles.—Samuel Smiles

Another very important effort in bringing our world from its current malady is simply to acknowledge the value of every person you meet. Treat them with respect; listen to them. In respecting them (and yourself) treat them with kindness. This may not eliminate the bad news, but it makes the journey more pleasant for us all.

You project to the world around you what you hold within.
Peace within yourself is the cornerstone of peace in the world.**

This is my truth. Only you can determine if there is any value in it for you.

Copyright 2008 CG Walters

**from the upcoming Strike a Chord of Silence

C.G. Walters primarily writes fiction that focuses on the multidimensionality of our loves and our lives. His current novel, Sacred Vow is a metaphysical novel about a man who responds to the mysterious call of [his soulmate], opening the way to redefinition of both himself and his understanding of the world around him…Highly recommended. —Midwest Book Review.

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