Monday, January 16, 2012

Creativity and Liberation

The most effective tool of human oppression is the disparagement of native imagination--Jeremy Taylor, The Wisdom of Your Dreams

Lucid Dream By AlicePopkorn

If someone is successful in convincing other people that the playful and spontaneous products of their imagination are "worthless" or "trivial" or "substandard," then those people become slaves, regardless of any accompanying economic and political flourishes. Conversely, if someone fails to persuade others, that the spontaneous products of their imaginative life are worthless or substandard, then no matter how much physical, economic, social, or political oppression accompanies that failed effort, those people will never be enslaved. People who are in touch with the spontaneous archetypal creative/imaginative impulse are always in a state of creative ferment and "revolution," whether they are intentionally "insubordinate" or not. Such people are always behaving spontaneously in new and unexpected ways that the oppressive authorities have not specifically prohibited because they have not thought of them.

For this reason, the restoration of a positive, dynamic, spontaneous relationship with our imaginative life is an absolutely crucial part of any authentic and effective individual or collective liberation. --Jeremy Taylor, The Wisdom of Your Dreams

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