Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Words Maintain Our Confinement

Words do not contain truth, but may reflect the truth you hold within.--Strike a Chord of Silence, CG Walters

Passion for Truth by h.koppdelaney

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Verse 1 —Tao Te Ching
The way of the word is not the Way

Words are symbolic carriers of our intention or our nature. They are tools to share ourselves with others--personally, culturally, and spiritually. Quite often they communicate other--or more-- than we intend.

A person might fully understand the explicit definition of a word, but most often our use of a word is conveying personal (or implicit) connotations that the listener/reader (and possibly the speaker/writer) might not be aware of. Whether in communication with another or with ourself, not being aware that meaning is “contextual” can restrict our experience and our growth.

The greater the words, the lesser the worth. **

A paradigm or environment creates or appropriates words and associates collectively implicit meaning to words to explain and maintain itself--therefore redefining the previously explicit definitions of those words. In doing so, the language that we have perpetuates the dominant paradigm--thereby restricting their use for sharing something outside or beyond itself. If the method of mapping only provides a means to represent the flatlands, the majority of travelers will be safe from discovering the mountains.

Language is an identifier/unifier/perpetuator of a culture or group as well as a divider—enforced for that purpose from within and/or without.

Insight is born in the mind of the willing, and does not inherently exist any place else. It cannot be constructed in words or experience. **

In the same sense as a culture explains and maintains itself through the use of specific words and associating implicit meanings, we as individuals also reflect the predilection and limitations that we hold within—evidence of how define as ourselves. As with our other habitual behaviors, sometimes we consciously intend to move beyond a previous self-definition, but may not realize that our language (as well as our behavior) is working to maintain the status quo.

Give thought before words. **

My personal focus on the impact of language is the metaphysical aspect of the words we use—and how that might limit our perception of reality. Words (singularly and collectively) have not only the power of their “meanings,” but of their vibrational level, the tone of their delivery, and the rhythm of their combinations. Just as the cadence of different types of music can cause specific alterations to our moods, so it is with the cadence of writing or speech.

Knowing this, I try to keep my mind open for the message that may not be immediately apparent to me. There are times when an intended message so exceeds the range of explicit language that one may have to abandon words altogether (for imagery or music, for example) or at least use words in symbolic ways—in what may seem nonsensical to the rational mind—ways such as myth or Zen koan. Sometimes, as with poetry or fiction, the use of rhythm and symbolism is not to deliver a specific meaning from the author, but to create an environment where the reader/listener can encounter a message from deep within themselves.

Words do not contain truth, but may reflect the truth [or deceit] that you hold within.**

**quoted maxims from
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Margot said...

this is a subject I am studying right now... do you have any recommendations for resources that will help me teach myself and others how to use the Word in beneficial ways?

CG Walters said...

I am afraid that I would not be much help to you for research. I come to my ideas by walking along the mountain ridges. I see patterns, contemplate them, speculate what is going on, and then wait to see if the speculation feels like the truth in my inner core. Sometimes I feel that connection immediately, sometimes it takes time for me to comprehend.

Ninon Nickerson said...

I am happy to find you here!

CG Walters said...

very much my pleasure to share this journey with you, Ninette.