Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spiritual Responsibility

Survival of our world depends on opening to your deepest desire.

photo by h.koppdelaney

Many make a good case that our world is in crisis. Increasing numbers seek saints and sages to make themselves known and to unveil to us more sustainable—survivable—paths.

What is the core essence of a saint or sage, but an advanced state of harmony with self and Self (the Collective Consciousness)? Consider for a moment the possibility that the thing most needed for the progression—even the survival—of our world is for you (and every one of us who dares) to stand up to accepting your deepest longing—not hedonistic attention to your more transient hungers but that thing which in embracing will put you more in harmony with ‘All That Is’.

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Just Dave said...

"accepting your deepest longing" - that longing being happiness?

For what do all beings strive for but happiness?

C. Love Clearly said...

Harmony resonates outward.. bringing more harmony.

I'd like to get your book as an e-book... but I couldn't find it on smashwords. I don't have a kindle so I need to download it in .pdf format. gratitude, C. Love

CG Walters said...

My apologies, my friend. I do not have Strike a Chord of Silence in pdf ebook any more.
You can get a free kindle for PC to read kindle books without owning a Kindle

blessings and peace,