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Serialization of Sacred Vow: Djalma (continued2)

Mr. Walters conveys the reality of mystical worlds and our interaction with them very eloquently. He states that there is "one true love in its infinite expression," meaning there is one connection, above all others that can make us feel whole, like our full selves. This book is highly recommended for the reader seeking a love story that knows no limits. As a metaphysical novel, one can expand their views of worlds and civilizations existing with us, and how we may affect those close to us with or without our knowledge.

“Sacred Vow” is highly recommended, and a sequel would be much welcomed. —Catherine Phelps for Reader Views

Installment 13 of 22
Sacred Vow (Dragon's Beard Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9774271-4-7, paperback, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical).

Djalma (continued2)

“There are an inestimable number of realities, overlapping the very space of this room and even our very bodies. We never become aware of them, though these worlds appear just as substantial to their occupants as we believe ours to be. Only the most achieved Masters and Adepts expand their consciousness sufficiently to achieve a glimpse across these boundaries. It requires a very precise balance of vibrational signatures, external and/or internal, to perform such a pass-through.

“It’s almost impossible to stumble across exactly the right combination to produce such an access. Even though you were not consciously aware of it, you did not stumble across this doorway. I believe your visitor is not a result of chance.”

“Expanded perception,” Ian said, “would explain my ability to see her world, to see her there, but how does that explain my own experience of traveling to her world or reality?”

“It’s not traveling, really,” Djalma replied. “That’s a concept of the illusory physical realm—moving your form from one place to another—that your analyzing conscious mind has imposed on the experience, to make what is happening more comfortable, more familiar.”

“Travel seems an apt description,” Ian said. “I am here, and then I perceive myself, although not really solidly, in her reality. She has also traveled to my study.

“I can comprehend that what I see of Katerina could be just a visual projection into my room, a holograph, but my experience in her world is that I have something like a bodily presence there, just as I do right here.”

Djalma smiled. “Well . . . actually you are neither here nor there.”

Semantics are not helping, Ian thought.

Undisturbed by Ian’s stern expression, Djalma smiled and continued, “Technically, we are not here. We are not physical. But we are an illusion of physicality, a manifestation of our consciousness, from energy.

“The energetic doorway in your study is doing more than just expanding your ability to see into this parallel reality. The experience could have been limited there. But your doorway appears to have allowed you at least a partial transfer, or fluctuation, between two separate reality fields . . . what you are referring to as traveling. Your ability to perceive this other reality makes it as real and accessible as the one you and I interact in right now. After all, what is reality except the ‘perception of choice’ at any given time?

You are manifesting a reference point for your consciousness, a body—even if not conventionally physical—in that place. You are in both places.”

Ian agreed that this was how the visits felt. Now he saw this explanation could help him get his situation under control. The dark path the visits were taking demanded some remedy very soon.

“Why do you think her appearance and some aspects of her personality seem so strained at times, Djalma?”

“This is only my speculation,” he said, “but I think that some development has not been achieved within a necessary period of time. This would also explain the unpleasant physical effects you are experiencing.”

Troubled by that thought, Ian asked, “Are you saying that she’s unhappy because I’m not performing some task I am unaware of, and therefore she is exhibiting some ill will toward me?”

“Ian, I don’t think that is the case. You may be feeling an impact on your health just because you’ve spent too much time in the transitional range between the two fields, never fully achieving presence in her parallel world.

“As far as the nature of your visitor goes, I cannot be certain yet, but I believe she is a dear and trustworthy intimate to you.”

Ian could not have anticipated the effect of those words. When he heard Djalma speak of Katerina and her affection just as if she were any other beloved. As irrational as it sounded, Ian felt some validation. His longing to truly experience her company in his world caused him to lose any calm focus he may have managed to exercise up until that point.

“Am I the cause of the changes I have seen take place in her?” This possibility had already been worrying Ian. “If so, what can I do to help her?”

Djalma sat down in front of Ian again. “The full extent of what you see may not actually be happening to her. The image may be distorted because the psychic connection between the two of you has been damaged.”

Ian found this analysis dubious. “Well, what has been happening to my health is definitely not an illusion!”

“True, but we don’t know if the interaction is capable of having the same impact on her.”

“Will you help me then?” Ian asked, emphatically.

Djalma was silent.

Ian pressed him. “Can you, or do you know anyone who can, help me achieve the full connection? It sounds as if I need to do something immediately . . . And why do you think Katerina and I have been able to make this connection?” Ian started to speak again and then stopped short, releasing his breath. He realized there must be a reason for Djalma’s silence.

“What you have been experiencing is defying time and space,” Djalma said. “You and she could be making contact to exchange some information, to strengthen a bond, or to fulfill some preexisting promise. I cannot say just what with any confidence. You’re asking me for information only you possess. Your experiences so far, however, especially the inability to touch or hear each other, imply you and she are currently incompatible in each other’s reality.”

Ian suddenly felt sure that Djalma’s extreme calm, the most he had exhibited so far, was something the young sage was intentionally projecting with the intent of helping him calm down. Yet he was becoming more anxious that he would not be able to continue to visit Katerina.

“That’s not something I can just sit back and accept,” Ian said. “Look at what is happening to us.”

Djalma nodded. “I said you are not currently able to fully exist in the same reality. I did not say that things should, or could, remain that way. Assuming this darker path that the visits have taken is not natural or intentional, the first thing we have to do is to figure out when they started to change. Then, maybe, we can figure out why.”

They sat silently for a while. Ian thought back over the last few months. He hadn’t really considered when the journeys had started to take the darker turn. “The situation has been developing all along. Even before things became unpleasant, the experience was ever-changing.”

Djalma forced him to try again. “So, tell me the first time you had an unpleasant reaction to anything within the visits. Was it when you started to black out for longer periods? And do you remember when Katerina’s appearance started to change?”

“I remember that I started to remain disconnected from my conscious world for longer periods of time as the experience got progressively more pleasant. At that time, I was glad to extend the visits. And, as far as the change in her image, I have been so infatuated with Katerina that I don’t know if I would have noticed any initial progression of small negative changes in her appearance.”

Ian struggled to recall the time before things “got bad,” his first unpleasant reaction to one of their teas. Then he remembered one day when everything about the tea had seemed as beautiful as usual. Katerina had radiated a captivating sense of joy. Savoring the experience as he returned to conscious awareness, Ian unexpectedly felt a rush of distress that he could describe only as a panic attack.

“I just remembered! One day, instead of feeling comforted and joyous after my visit with Katerina, I was fiercely shaken. Something set off panic in me. I was consumed with dread. I forced myself up from the chair, as if to escape a threat, and stumbled toward the door. In just a moment, I got a grip on myself and felt rather foolish about my reaction. Still, the whole afternoon remained clouded by the experience of my return.

“The next few times I brought the teapot out, I was a little cautious, but all went well, and I soon forgot about that incident. It was months later that the visits became progressively more difficult.”

Djalma’s eyes were fixed on him, as if demanding more than Ian had given. “I’m sure I already know the answer, but had you recently brought something new into the room before that experience?”

Ian responded to the suggestion as if Djalma had accused him of sacrilege. “Not one thing since I realized the impact it could have!”

“Has anyone besides you been in the room?”

“No.” Ian had to smile, thinking of it. “My friends think I’m a bit demented because of the way I protect the sanctity of my study, but I’ve managed to keep the room private. They tease me, but I’ve continued to entertain as usual. The study is somewhat secluded in the floor plan. Privacy wasn’t the problem it would have been if I had been trying to secure certain other rooms in the house.”

“What about the teapot? Has anyone come into contact with the teapot when you have people over?”

“Again, no, Djalma. I’ve been a little crazy about it, but I’m unwilling to take a chance. None of my friends even know I have the teapot. Except to rinse it and fill it with hot water for tea, the teapot has remained in the study since the early days of my experience.

“The first time I had someone over, after the first visit, I had already realized that changing things in the room could affect the experience, so I hid the teapot away in the study. From that day to this, I’ve kept it there.”

“That’s fortunate for our purpose,” Djalma said. “It limits the range of possibilities we have to consider, but it’s unlikely any casual contact would have affected the teapot. Most people would not leave an imprint that lasted much longer than their immediate contact with the pot. Those whose emanation lasted longer would have caused only a temporary change in the vibration of the teapot and, therefore, the collective resonance of the room. You might have noticed a minor modification in your entry into a visit, or the reality shift might not have occurred with the very next tea, but any effect would have dissipated in a few days.”

Djalma leaned back, relaxing a little, obviously considering the options. “No one was in the room? Is it possible that someone doing some service in the house, or even one of your friends, could have come into the room without your knowing it?”

Looking away a little embarrassed, Ian had to say, “Not possible, unless someone broke in without leaving any trace. I invariably lock the door to my study, and that’s the biggest source of banter on the nights I have the guys over for cards or to watch a game.”

“Still, good for our purpose.” Djalma smiled. “The room was not changed. The teapot was not changed. So that only leaves you.”

“What do you mean? How could I have been changed?”

“Just as everything else in the room can be affected, so could you. Again, the same rules of impermanence would apply, unless—” Djalma emphasized the last word to make sure Ian was listening, “—the effect has been expanded by your continued thoughts or response to a person, thing, or experience.

“Let’s concentrate on the time just before this unpleasant return to consciousness you mentioned. Can you remember anything or any person you came in contact with, which seemed to have a lasting effect on you, good or bad?”

Djalma (to be continued next week)
Last week, Djalma (part 2)

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