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The Creation of Truth

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Truth is but a resting place until the next revelation.**

Rather than something to acquire or possess, consider the possibility that your most powerful access to truth may actually be an act of releasing a perception--a momentary lack of possession. Once you embrace a ‘truth’ you are enchanted with the conundrum of being in possession of—or possessed by?--something that is both real and illusory.

It is real, for as long as you hold onto it, this ‘truth’ it will perpetuate and validate itself by coloring what is available for you to experience. As you believe, so it will be.

Truth is illusory due to the impossible connotative implications we have associated with the concept (all-encompassing, invariable, fact, the ‘one and only’). Even more so, an unchanging or definable truth is inescapably flawed the moment that one attempts to distill finite—a mentally comprehensible concept—from the Infinite/Tao. If you seek to put the ocean in a bottle, there’s going to be a lot left out of the collection!

Every fragment of truth opens the path of its own passing.**

The good news is, no matter how tenacious this truth may be, or how enamored one might be with it, its inception is also the initiation of its demise. There may seem to be quite some time between the two events, but then time is just another one of those illusory truths.

A complete truth holds within itself its perfect discredit.**

Most often a ‘truth’ has defined within itself a breakpoint—a point where its flaw is inevitable, a seeming contradiction, or the inability to encompass/incorporate the scope of your current realization. Most often, we will at this place cease to be the willing possessor of this view. Without the validation of our belief, this small portion of the Infinite is released from our rigid confines of concept and returns to its fluid nature.

However, on occasion we will not perceive the blaring breakpoint, or even perceiving it we will choose to defy the evidence in order to avoid our fear of what our world would be without this ‘truth.’ This can be a very hard path to take, for the greater ocean has become determined to reunite with that portion of itself you have collected/segmented. Either you have to release your portion, or the ocean with attempt to crash into that small bottle.

You may not realize it, but you are at your most powerful just before the realization of truth. At that moment, your possibilities are infinite, an endless field of potentiality. You are infinite! It is when we get tired of flying that we settle down onto a stable truth.

Truth is the every-progressing horizon.**

Now, despite all this implication against the holding of anything as truth, I must say that I do realize that my experience is from the context of a segmented perception of the Infinite. That being so, in the nature of my concept of ‘truth’:

Truth is only that which enlivens the spirit and the heart to
believe...and nothing else is really very important.

Believe no more than you can without it becoming a source of distress.**

Enjoy the journey, dear ones……CG

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