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Serialization of Sacred Vow: Djalma (continued1)

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Mr. Walters conveys the reality of mystical worlds and our interaction with them very eloquently. He states that there is "one true love in its infinite expression," meaning there is one connection, above all others that can make us feel whole, like our full selves. This book is highly recommended for the reader seeking a love story that knows no limits. As a metaphysical novel, one can expand their views of worlds and civilizations existing with us, and how we may affect those close to us with or without our knowledge.
“Sacred Vow” is highly recommended, and a sequel would be much welcomed. —Catherine Phelps for Reader Views

Installment 12 of 22
Sacred Vow (Dragon's Beard Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-9774271-4-7, paperback, Fiction: Visionary/Metaphysical).

Djalma (continued1)

“There is a single, all-encompassing energy field, call it the Whole or the Absolute. Within this infinitude are a limitless number of overlapping subsets, let’s say segmented fields, that vibrate at unique ranges of frequencies. Each field is a separate reality, which more often than not remains unseen by any of the inhabitants of the other fields because of the frequency differences between them.”

“Everything that appears to be physical within a subset of a specific reality adds a unique energetic signature onto the base resonance of that field, while remaining within the defined range of that field.” Djalma waited to make sure Ian was following.

Ian could see that his confusion was not going to dissipate in the near future. So he nodded once, to suggest that Djalma go on.

“We may have to come back to this wider scope, but for now let’s focus specifically on a single reality—our illusory, ‘physical’ reality. At the very least, those things we perceive as material will resonate according to their molecular makeup,” Djalma continued. “From there, every entity gives off emanations based on what it has experienced, no matter if it is physical or not, sentient or not. In addition to this vibration, those entities, which we recognize as living, stir in their own personality or nature, which can be, for example, predatory, genteel, or whatever. Additionally, the resonance one picks up from self-aware entities is very affected by their individual assessments of their own experience and by their sense of self.”

Ian was glad to drop the implications of those other fields, subsets, or whatever Djalma wanted to call them. Even with limiting his focus to his own reality, what Djalma was presenting was giving Ian a bit of psychological discomfort. Sure, Ian accepted such things as scientific fact, but he had not expected to deal with them in his personal life.

Djalma kept working with the roots and herbs. “Some people are completely unresponsive to these psychic emanations. Almost always, their total imperceptivity indicates a psychology of disassociation, dangerous to the individual and those that share their world, known and unknown. Such a lack of responsiveness should be corrected. Most people have some degree of sensitivity, which varies, depending on the situation and the range of vibrations they are naturally attuned to.

“These vibrations provoke the feeling of otherwise unwarranted pleasure you might experience when you meet certain people, or the sudden weakness that may come over you in a particular environment. When acquiring possessions, we’re sometimes attracted by the resonance of the item, rather than by its more commonly perceptible characteristics. These emanations continue to affect us, and their surrounding environment, after we acquire the piece.”

The implications of what Djalma was saying began to overwhelm Ian. “That would suggest we take on an enormous liability every time we choose a prospective possession!” he burst out.

Djalma looked around the room, and then said casually, “Rarely is there any need to be apprehensive. Most people are engaged in some degree of the same type of choosing based on the emanations that people and things give off. Russian roulette alchemy, if you will. Fortunately, the cylinder of this theoretical revolver has an infinite number of chambers, providing minimal odds for any perceivable alteration within the so-called normal reality, much less any threat to an individual.”

“If that is the case, how do you explain what I have been experiencing?” Ian demanded.

With the equanimity one would expect of a person with his apparent achievements despite his youth, Djalma picked up the distress in Ian’s tone. He smiled as if he knew that Ian was asking to quiet his own fear. “Perhaps it’s just the luck of the draw. Lightning has to hit somewhere every time it strikes.”

Ian stared hard at Djalma. He wanted answers, not just to have Djalma offer vague speculations.

Djalma responded to Ian’s unspoken plea, “Theoretically, if one was able to attune one’s personal resonance to another range, another channel, say, such a person could slip from one reality to another.

“In your case, I’m inclined to believe that some part of your deeper self has been pursuing this kind of access for many years. Perhaps up until now your quest has been exclusively subconscious. It’s possible that the process has taken all the previous energetic mixes in order for these visits to happen. In addition, your conscious mind may have been going through preparation, so to speak, so that it could perceive what has happened.

“Perhaps your subconscious was always experimenting, armed with no more than a desired result.”

“Considering the dark turn these visits have taken,” Ian said, “I can find no reason for believing some portion of me intends this bit of self-destructive experience.”

“It’s your conscious perception that calls your experience self-destructive,” Djalma said. “How do you know that what is happening is not creative in a positive way, rather than destructive?”

Ian sometimes found Djalma’s insight to be infuriating. It was easy enough for Djalma to speculate, Ian thought. He was not living with the situation or its after-effects. Ian knew that the experience had taken an unhealthy turn. He could now admit that he was scared. He needed more real assistance from Djalma.

Looking into Ian’s eyes, patiently, peacefully, Djalma waited for Ian to decide where he wanted to go with the conversation.

Ian mulled over the information he understood Djalma to have presented. Then he reverted to his speculations about what had been happening. “What I would really like to know is: If this is an energetic imprint, does that or does that not mean that a particular woman created the impression I’m receiving? The teapot is not that old, so the imprint could not have occurred that long ago. Liz says the couple who owned it bought it new, locally. Not many people could have come in contact with it since it was made.”

Ian was getting more excited as he went on. “It can’t be that hard to find out who she is. If Katerina and I have some connection, or she has something to tell me, I should find her and solve this!”

Djalma leaned back and slowly raised both palms, as if to ward off Ian’s agitation. “I don’t think this is an imprint, but if it is, I am certain it’s not that kind of imprint,” he said.

Djalma rose and took the pot of root mix over to the stove. Pouring water into it from a large jug, he continued. “Not all imprint manifestations are the result of a playback or representation of a specific person or event to which the item has been exposed to. It’s likely your teapot was never in physical contact with . . . Katerina, as you call her. I would say this is not even a secondary imprint, which occurs when an item comes into contact with someone or someplace that has been in direct contact with a person exuding a strong psychic signature.

“Your visits are very specific to the one room. Also, as you told me, if you remove a single item from the room, Katerina ceases to appear.”

“This doesn’t make sense,” Ian replied. “If she is not imprinted on the teapot, why does the teapot set off the vision?”

“It’s not just the teapot that is causing the experience, Ian. You have come to this conclusion because the visits started after the teapot was brought into the room for the first time. Apparently, the teapot is the final ingredient in a combination of psychic emanations that have been developing for a while. Hence Katerina’s absence if any item, and not just the teapot, is removed.”

Ian’s exasperation was heightened when Djalma said, “I am certain none of the items in your study have ever come into contact with Katerina.”

If no item had come into contact with her, Ian thought, why was this particular woman appearing? He panicked. How can I locate her if I cannot associate her with some item or event in the physical world?

Djalma spoke quietly, as if in direct response to Ian’s thoughts. “How would a woman from such an exotic culture, perhaps unearthly, come in contact with an ordinary teapot?”

Maybe it was just a simple mind-reading trick, but it brought Ian to his senses. Wrongly or rightly, each such inexplicable display of this telepathic talent increased Ian’s trust in Djalma’s ability to help him solve his problem. Ian suspected that the only reason Djalma performed these “tricks” was to calm him.

Feeling less tightly coiled, Ian took a slow breath and looked Djalma in the eyes. “That thought has crossed my mind, but I suppose I never completely dropped the idea of an energetic imprint because, for whatever reason, my logical mind found it the most comfortable—or familiar—of all the fantastical possibilities I have considered as an answer . . .

“What, then, does cause Katerina to appear? And why this woman, in particular?”

“Why her—that is something only a deeper part of yourself will know, Ian. What causes her to appear is the part I can help you with.”

With his pot of herbs simmering, Djalma came back to sit across from Ian.

“Remember back when we were talking about a base range of resonance within a reality or field? Just as everything has its unique energy signature, a grouping of items within a certain space near each other will combine to produce a collective signature. To varying degrees, almost always unintelligibly, these collective signatures affect the reality experienced by anyone within the scope of their influence.

“Most people aren’t sensitive enough to perceive even a fairly wide range of fluctuation from the base emanation of their own field of reality. Those who do sometimes perceive such fluctuations rarely interpret their resulting experience as anything more than a gut feeling, maybe the hair standing up on the back of their neck for no apparent reason. Sometimes a particular area has such a strong collective signature that even the general populace will acknowledge the location as possessing some preternatural influence. The usual extreme end of the spectrum would be widely experienced apparitions in the area.”

“Are you saying Katerina is a ghost?” Ian cut in.

“Not at all,” Djalma responded.

Without really hearing the response, Ian continued. “Wouldn’t that operate much the same as an imprint?”

Djalma slowly shook his head, and waited for Ian to relax enough to take in what he was about to say.

“Whether by the unlikely accident or subconscious intention,” Djalma said, “I’m content that you have constructed a collective signature within your study that is affecting your perceived reality—or rather, periodically expanding your perception of reality.

“Now remember I said the different fields or realities are almost always invisible to each other because of differing base frequency ranges.” This time Djalma waited as if for a response from Ian, giving him a questioning look.

Concluding that they would not go forward otherwise, Ian offered a cautious “Yes.”

Satisfied, Djalma smiled and continued, “More than just unveiling something from the sensory fringes of our shared reality field, the collective signature of your study seems to have created a vibrational doorway, making it possible for you to move into another reality, an alternate or parallel life.”

Djalma (to be continued next week)

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