Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remember: Icaro (healing Song)

In the vibration of certain sounds and sight, there is healing--a returning of our awareness to the perfection that is our true nature. I wish you, my friend, to know the resonance of your perfection.
blessings and love,

Note: Icaros are medicine songs--healing songs

Full Text from Video:

Within every atom of the universe,
exists the blueprint of infinity,
the blueprint of perfection.
Within every cell of your body
is the pattern of perfection.
In serenity, that memory begins to arise
reconnecting you to your true nature,
restoring perfect unison with the universe.

Serenity may come in inaction
or practiced silence--like meditation--
but serenity is not dependent on
the absence of stimuli.

It can find you in exertion,
in the creation of your art, or
absorbed in another's art.
It can come in joyful dance,
in the laughter of loved ones,
or in communion with Nature.

Without your awareness,
serenity will begin to envelope you
whenever you are in full release,
completely present in the moment
When you relax,
you release,
and then,
you remember.

In truth, you are never separated from
or less than perfection but
discord can distort your perception
misshaping your experience
into the pattern of itself.
Certain colors, sounds, and experience
can induce serenity.
As some vibrations can sicken/distort,
others can heal/restore harmony.

They cause your awareness to
resonate with the song of the universe,
which is always singing within you
even when you cannot hear it.
Without effort,
Feel the voice of your spirit
Singing in harmony with infinity.



Donna Lyon Rhose said...

Just to say that your work is so beautiful in general. I certainly understand the power of Sound and richly enjoy your usage as such! Many blessings to you.

CG Walters said...

Thank you, Donna.
blessings and love, my friend,

Liara Covert said...

Peace and blessings flow freely through all that is. I am you and you are me. Joy is felt and shared equally and unconditional love reveals itself in all. Awarness unfolds forever. Appreciate all you do and all you are.

CG Walters said...

Thank you, dear Liara.
blessings and continued inspiration in your work of light and love,

Anonymous said...

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CG Walters said...

Thank you, Allen.
blessings and peace to you and your dear ones,

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CG Walters said...

Welcome, Bali Wedding.
blessings and peace,