Friday, August 13, 2010


For the current of our spiritual life creeds, rituals and channels may thwart or help, according to their fixity or openness. When a symbol or spiritual idea becomes rigidly elaborate in its construction, it supplants the idea which it should support.-- Rabindranath Tagore
moonstruck By h.koppdelaney

Thanks to David Munro for introducing this video:


2 Beyond the Paradigm said...

Wow, this is really good!! Funny, all the hype about Madonna and this is the first time I've actually "listened/watched" ANYTHING of her's. There was always something about her that didn't click for me; I grouped her (perhaps unfairly) into the Jim Carey and the "early" Robin Williams category of imature role models.

VERY NICE PIECE. Thank you for sharing!

CG Walters said...

You are very welcome, my friend. I am glad you liked it.
I believe Madonna's work has matured in content over the years.