Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alone in My Reality?

A core of my belief system is that no one I go to work with, visit with, or share this writing with is actually experiencing the same world/reality that I am. It’s easy enough to accept that there is a wide distinction in the practical reality of people with significantly different resources, experiences, or opportunities. From a pyschological perspective one could make a case that people in agreement about any subject are more accurately in a “practical agreement”—not some supreme, unqualified concordance that we sometimes imagine.

But what about the people that I share the closest connections with in this life? My wife? My dearest friends? From my point of view, even these dear intimates do not truly share the exact perceptual space from which my experience originates. We alone see from our particular point of observation.—Of course others’ existence in their own realities are vital in the creation of our unique experience.

This group of people that I love and percieve myself interacting with, as a whole, has a finely defined balance of (spiritual/energetic) agreements including that there is not a lone reality (until we rejoin the infinite energy source). It so happens that we have enough mutual connection points for a illusory experience of a common reality. We are interdependent of—co-creating—each other, but we do not exist in the same place—in fact, we do not exist in any space, but that is for another “what is not time.”

When focused on our human experience, we are a completely unique in our perception, therefore, alone in our reality. You experience through the definition of your reality but everyone else does not experience your perception—therefore, it exists only in concept for them. As you believe, it is so….but only for you.

One reason this idea of an isolated reality does not trouble me is that in fact (for me, but not someone whose soul chooses otherwise) realities are illusion, the momentary perception of choice. The only real existence is the intelligent energy field that people give infinite characteristics (wants, rules, names, etc). That is all that is out there and we are points of perception for that ultimate intelligence. In truth you and I, and all you hold dear are not separate; we are the One Mind, the Absolute.

Human consciousness is a filtration system, a segmentation of the immeasurable signals in the Collective Consciousness. This is vital for the experience that we know. Just as one must block some light signals to perceive something other than white light, to experience the rainbow we need a filtration system. Our experience of reality is the result of that filtration system for the Absolute.

This is the best example I know to explain the concept of each of us being a channel of perception for the Absolute: Close one eye only. Open it while closing the other.

Each eye sees a slightly different variation on the scene before it, yet the brain is able to blend two different signals into a collective view that gives greater depth perception and detail. So the greater complexity of the Infinite Intelligence is able to simultaneously perceive the “eye” of billions of individuals (and other lifeforms) in every moment through all time and realities.

We each continually perceive exclusive aspects of the collective reality—different personal realities. For the most part, when we believe we are sharing a reality—a world—we are actually experiencing overlaps of similarity in our unique realities. It is only the vagueness of language and our inability to accurately communicate (consciously) that provides the illusion that we are in complete agreement, seeing the same things before us.

You may ask if I do not feel lonely with holding such a perspective. No, I do not. For I know that segmentation is only an illusion to experience the joy of an otherwise impossible phenomena, the rainbow—a radiant expression of filtered energy that is human life. Besides you and I are ultimately aspects of the Absolute—One—and there is no space or time vast enough to separate us.

Copyright 2008 CG Walters

This is my truth. Only you can determine if there is any value in it for you.

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Pat said...

CG - thank you for a very good and interesting post. I like your concept that human consciousness is a filtration system. How you go onto giving an example of closing one eye and with both eyes open we can see a collective reality is helpful in understanding the concept you propose. Giving me things to think about.

CG Walters said...

Thank you for your visit, Pat.
Many blessings to you and all you hold dear,

Unknown said...

Would it be more accurate to say "Alone in my interpretation of reality?" On that point I would entirely agree with you. Our perception of what happens rather than what physically happens tends to define our uniqueness.

"It is only the vagueness of language and our inability to accurately communicate (consciously) that provides the illusion that we are in complete agreement, seeing the same things before us."

I find that I very rarely agree with anyone that we see the same things before us if we attempt to use language to come to an agreement and interpretation. Hence I never experience the illusion of complete agreement that you refer to.

If I am in very close to proximity to someone and an event happens then we can at least agree that we were in the same space and time at that point. I would never expect us to have identical interpretations (and hence explanations) of the event.

We might agree to a very vague extent that "at 16:12 we were in my bedroom when a bird flew against the window" but I would never expect that we would agree on explanations of the subtle nuances and interpretations and effects of that event.

Does it bother you that you can't have such perfect replication of experience with another person?

What benefit would it have even if you could do it?

CG Walters said...

Thank you for the visit, Nick.
I would agree that "interpretation" would be more accurate, as 'reality' is not an objective thing--our experience is always an interpretation.
It does not bother me that I can't have such perfect replication of experience with another person. My own assessment of my experience it never "set in stone," so I am comfortable with a 'flowing' definition of reality.My blog Truth Is But A Resting Place goes into this.
Benefit of an exact replication? Oh, if I could momentarily "get behind" another's eyes, I might have better understanding, a more expanded perception.
peace and wonder,